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Ex dubium scientia. From doubt [comes] knowledge.

Star Citizen

Port-lit, metallic, Star Citizen Logo comprising a single cruciform star encapsulated by a wreath and set between the words STAR and CITIZEN

Star Systems
In-system view of a O-Type Main Sequence Star

Space Trials
Shuttle Class space ship

Cutter Class space ship

ASW Frigate Class space ship

Endurance Cutter Class space ship

Heavy Ordinance Endurance Cutter Class space ship

Life in Overlap

Technical Requirements
Starboard-lit, metallic, Star Citizen Logo comprising a single cruciform star encapsulated by a wreath and set betewen the words STAR and CITIZEN

Due Diligence

What is an RPG?
It all began with pen and paper

Gaming Concepts
USB Iconography

Gaming Psychology
Neural network node showing connective reinforcement

Contact Tomasius


Tomasius can be contacted in-game or via email. In order to confuse and confound the ever increasing numbers of white-collar criminals who drown legitimate communications in unwelcome solicitations which are often of a criminal nature, it is necessary to provide email contacts in a format not legible to SPAM-bots. Thus it will be necessary for you look at the starboard side of the SS1 class C8 Pisces shuttle depicted in the landing bay by the banner (above) and write the five digit serial number down, as you see it, at That is the email address you type into your email browser in order to make contact with us...

Please note that this is a temporary numbered email address which can be changed at any time.


We advise our users against making accounts with unknown or otherwise untrustworthy providers. If you don't know an account provider, ask around before letting them have your email address. Get to know them a little. What do they do? How serious are they about what they do? Is it all they do? Is it their main activity? If it's not their main income stream, what is? Be especially cautious of sites which are funded by external advertisers because if this is the main income stream, what motivates them to keep your details confidential?

If you haven't already been burned, the face of internet crime is SPAM. The vast bulk of SPAM is a SCAM. As for the rest; extortion, narcotics trafficing, hacking, account theft, identity theft and any number of other criminal endeavours seek to leverage the statistical certainty that if enough emails are sent out, someone will pay.

Even just communicating with a company engaged in SPAM can get you jailed because some of these outfits claim to ship prescrition drugs across borders without the legally mandated license - which is conspiracy to traffic in narcotics. Talking to trafficers about the act of trafficing is conspiracy to traffic - even if it's a SCAM and they're only fraudsters pretending to traffic narcotics just to get your money. You can be prosecuted for this and, if it is connected with an onging narcotics investigation, you probably will. In short, don't even bother communicating with the kind of criminal scum who engage in SPAM. Just rotate your email address and update any accounts whose providers who haven't betrayed your confidence. It's always worth having more than one email address so that you can farm new account providers off to a "probationary" email address and see what they do. If they behave for 3-6 months, then you can update your account so that they have access to the regular account management email for the purpose. If they don't, then at least you get to keep your main working email channels clear of SPAM - which is a very good thing when communication in those channels is potentially urgent or important.


This site does not use VBScript, JavaScript, or any other invasive tech which can be exploited by others to hack into your system or steal private information. What this site is made of is just clean, pure HTML and CSS. We will never publish or share email addresses. If you want us to facilitate an introduction with a specific entity or person who is on our books, make contact with us, make your request and we'll schedule a time and a server when and where you can both log in and chat and share whatever detail you like in PM. If the person's a Star Citizen account holder and you know their handle, just log into Spectrum, go to the Private Conversations at the bottom of the left pane, start a new conversation and type in the handle.

compass atop a bowl of roasted coffee beans set inside gold laurels
Thursday, ISO: 2024-July-25, 07:21 hours, UTC.

J Company
Heavy ordinance endurance cutter